Jordan Ball

Interactive Software Developer

A Bit About Me!

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Concentration in Game Development

(Anticipated May 2023)

Minors in Mathematics & Data Science

Extracurriculars & Volunteer Experience

  • Carthage Varsity Esports

    • Founder

    • Program & Team Captain

    • Broadcast Commentator & Personality

  • Freshman Peer Coach (3-years)

  • Freshman Orientation Leader (2 years), Captain (1 year)

  • Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity

    • Positions held: Secretary, Philanthropy/Fundraiser chair, Social chair, Social Media Chair

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to pursue a career in computer science. I started learning Python in High School and immediately fell in love with programming. I would get this sense of accomplishment whenever I could solve a problem or write a program, and I still experience that feeling to this day. My passion for the field grew when I reached college and began learning C++ and more complex concepts. My goal is to create things that will improve people's lives in some way, whether in utility or entertainment.

I saw game development as a way to concentrate on that user-focused programming philosophy and develop more skills that help overall software development instead of just programming. A video game requires a focus on a user's experience, with gameplay and purpose being its main pillars. A piece of software does not lack gameplay! While it likely does not have a drawn-out story or dialogue, a flow is required to move the user along to achieve the desired purpose.

Notable Experiences

Flight Systems Engineer

Capillary Flow Experiment: Validating CFD-Predicted Liquid Configuration

With this project, my duties consisted of constructing and programming the onboard flight systems of a research payload that will predict equilibrium surface liquid configuration for six different capillary flow vessel geometries in a microgravity environment.

The payload was entered and flown in the RockSat-C program (provided by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium) in order to experience a microgravity environment.

Click here for Launch Footage

Click here for our Project Poster

Founding of Carthage Varsity Esports

In Spring of 2020, I began my work spearheading the launch of Carthage College's Varsity Esports program. I worked alongside Carthage Faculty and Administrators providing expertise on the area of Esports during numerous committee meetings and position interviews.

Once the program launched, I continued with helping the program's development as the program captain, competing in 2 seasons both as a player and team captain, and providing play-by-play and color commentary as a broadcast personality.


Spectrum News Interview

Official Announcement

Myself and my team presenting at the 2022 Celebration of Scholars

Data Acquisition & Cleansing

Investigating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

in Statistics and Data Science Courses

Under guidance of professors from Carthage College's Math and Data Science departments, I was tasked with collecting and cleaning data that will be used in the new Statistics for Social Justice course as well as a potential overhaul of the new Elementary Statistics course.

Our team presented our work at the Mathematical Association of America Wisconsin Conference, the Midstates Consortium of Math and Science, and the Celebration of Scholars at Carthage College in Spring 2022.

Click here for our Project Poster

You can find my programming portfolio here.