Détendu VR

A prototype VR experience designed to help relieve stress and explore virtural environments.



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Hidden Pieces

Created during Carthage College's first annual Game Jam with the theme 'Hidden', Chess of War puts a twist on the classic game of Chess. In this game, the other player's pieces are hidden in darkness.


Project ELO

Project ELO is a multiplatform casual and competitive Chess experience. This project is currently in the works as my senior capstone project and is set to debut in May of 2022.


As part of my Game Development III course, our task was to recreate the hit party game Overcooked from scratch. The only provided item was the player model. All else was coded and created by me from scratch. It is currently in a tech demo phase, but I do have plans to further build upon it.


Programming Languages

  • C/C++ (Expert)

  • C# (Advanced)

  • Python (Advanced)

  • Java (Intermediate)

  • Ruby (Intermediate)

  • Elixir (Intermediate)

  • Clojure (Novice)

  • SQL (Novice)

  • BASH (Novice)